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Surface & Subsurface Drainage System Installations, Repairs and Maintenance  - Site Inspections

Eliminate Unwanted Crawlspace & Basement Water 

We get it – thinking about the unwanted water getting into your crawlspace, basement or garage is not only a nuisance but will eventually cause irreversible and costly damages to your foundation. Obviously a drainage system your home is not as fun as a much needed vacation or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom but when its overlooked, the absence of a good working drainage system can cause damages that far exceed the cost of installation. Making sure your drainage system is in place and correctly installed should be a top priority for every homeowner. This protects one of  the biggest investment of your life – your home. Be sure your drainage system is protecting your foundation so that it won’t cause you worry, stress, or embarrassment. Our subsurface drainage systems work are designed to work efficiently for as long as you live in your home! They work so well that we offer a 5 Year No Standing Water Guarantee! Your crawlspace or basement will be water free and your new drainage system will reliably perform year after year so you can enjoy your home worry-free for decades.

At Drainage Pros, we specialize in delivering a quick and reliable assessment of your existing drainage problem including what needs to be done and the cost to correct your problem. We get you on our schedule and completely and permanently eliminate your problem. Our goal is your satisfaction while serving you with both character and integrity.

Common Signs You Have a Drainage Problem 

A national study found that six out of 10 homes have drainage problems. Unfortunately homeowners often put off the expense of installing a proper drainage system until there are obvious problems requiring foundation work or support. By this time the expense is double, triple often more than a properly installed drainage system. Especially here in the SF Bay Area where home prices are very strong. People paying top dollar for homes are no longer willing to eat the drainage cost as they once were. Here are the most common signs of foundation problems:

  • Efflorescence and spall on the interior foundation walls, interior basement walls or in the garage

  • Cracks in the foundation, garage slab or hardscaping

  • Standing water or moisture in the crawlspace

  • Standing water or pooling around your home in the yard during the rainy season

  • Stress cracks in exterior or interior walls of your home

  • Uneven or cracked slab foundation floors or garage slabs

  • Unpleasant odors, musty smells

  • Doors that stick, wont move or remain half-way opened  

  • Bathroom tile or kitchen backsplash cracks

  • Cabinets separating from walls

  • Gaps or cracking around windows and door frames

Common Reasons for Your Drainage Problem 

These are some of the most common reasons for drainage problems that we see when performing our Site Inspections at homes throughout the SF Bay Area annually. These problems are caused by several factors;

  • Inadequate surface and or subsurface drainage around your home or behind basement or sub grade foundation walls

  • The way your home sits on your property or the location of your home on a hillside or in a flat neighborhood with poor soil drainage

  • The type of soil that your home is built on - here in the SF Bay Area we have a lot of clay soils that do not drain well adding to your problems

  • Poor building practices at the time of construction - this could be because you have an older home that has had the drainage problems neglected or ignored for years or the builder did a crummy job and cut corners including not installing a drainage system when your home was originally built - older homes were subject to softer building codes that were not detailed as they are today

  • Someone either the previous Owner or workman installed a poorly designed drainage system that is incorrectly installed and inadequate to prevent unwanted water intrusion or protect the foundation, crawlspace or basement - over 50% of our work is to correct initial installation 

At Drainage Pros, we complete all of our drainage projects from start to finish with professional care and responsibility. You can count on receiving personal, one-on-one attention throughout the entire project from one of our highly trained professionals. Our skilled staff has had years of experience in providing our Clients with only the highest quality service, workmanship and materials.

At Drainage Pros, we focus on the details, knowing that you would expect nothing less! Our goal is to provide you with a permanent drainage solution that is reliable and performed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Give us a call today to schedule a Site Inspection!

Drainage Pros, Results Guaranteed!

Efflorescence and Spall on Berkeley Foundation
Drainage Pros Site Inspection Efflorescence Walnut Creek
Drainage Pros Foundation Drainage Issue Piedmont
Drainage Pros Site Inspection Stucco Crack Lafayette
Stucco Stress Movement Drainage Related Danville
Drainage Pros Site Inspection Efflorescence on Slab Under Carpet El Sobrante
Drainage Related Wet Crawlspace Efflorescence on Foundation Castro Valley

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