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Drainage Pros  5 Year No Standing Water Guarantee

We offer our qualified San Francisco Bay Area drainage clients a "5 Year No Standing Water Guarantee." This Guarantee is for any of our Clients who select Drainage Pros to install a comprehensive sub surface drainage system around their home. Our Drainage Pros Proposal will state in writing whether your project qualifies for the 5 Year Guarantee or not. A Drainage Pros Proposal shall become a Contract only after being mutually signed by both Drainage Pros and the Owner. The Guarantee period starts upon the completion date listed in the Contract. Drainage Pros shall at its own discretion and timing repair any standing water problem in the most effective way that they deem best for eliminating a standing water problem from the basement, crawl space, or other areas being protected. To learn more about guaranteed San Francisco Bay Area drainage solutions offered by Drainage Pros, please read below. This Guarantee may be revised, updated or amended at anytime by Drainage Pros or one of its' Representatives. Any revision, update or amendment will not affect a previous Contract Guarantee during its' current coverage period. 

5 YEAR GUARANTEE - EXTENDABLE & TRANSFERABLE                                

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"When it started to rain we would bring out the sump pumps and hoses. Under our home has always flooded. Now there is never any problems and we gave our pumps away. Thanks Drainage Pros, you guys did a great job!  

R. G.
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Drainage Pros 5 Year No Standing Water Guarantee - Continued

EXTENDABLE & TRANSFERABLE – This Guarantee may be extended by both parties with a mutually signed agreement for an additional 5 years for only $ 2,195.00 anytime before the elapsing of the initial 5 year term. This Drainage Pros Guarantee offer elapses on the 5 year anniversary date of the End Date as listed in the Original Contract. Any future 5 year extensions beyond the first one are subject to change without prior notice and shall be priced at the prevailing rate on the date of renewal. The Guarantee, provided still covered, is completely transferable to another Owner if and when you want to sell your home. This Guarantee is transferable to another Owner by using our simple Application. The cost for the transfer is only $ 695.00 after a successful Site Evaluation has been made by an Employee or Representative of Drainage Pros. Please contact us for an Application Form if you do not have one.

EXCLUSIONS & EXCEPTIONS – This Guarantee does not cover any of the following; the electrical system or components, the regular maintenance of your new sub surface drainage system or the servicing, repairing or replacement of any of your new drainage sub system's mechanical devices. Mechanical devices include but are not limited to your sump pump, a back up pump, floats and or high water alarms to mention a few. Damages to the sub surface drainage system caused by Anyone* (SEE NOTE BELOW) penetrating the sub surface drainage system will void your Guarantee. We recommend that you call Drainage Pros and have us perform a project walk through with you and any Contractor or workman prior to any work being performed on or around your new sub surface drainage system or you could void your Guarantee. Also, though it is very rare, there is no Guarantee given for any water that may come up naturally from an underground spring, high water tables, from under or along deep foundation piers or through faulty, cracked or failed existing slab floors or seeping along any existing pipes that may be underground. 

*NOTE – Anyone shall be defined as anybody who is not employed by Drainage Pros. 
Anyone also includes but is not limited to the actual Owners, their families or their pets, friends or any of their workmen whether licensed or not who are allowed onsite. It also includes but is not limited to any tenants, vandals, City, County, State or Federal workers or anybody who comes onto your property whether to do work for you or not, whether invited by you the Owner or not. If anyone damages the existing system Drainage Pros has installed, Drainage Pros will not be liable for any repairs required under the Guarantee. Anyone also includes but is not limited to any random Acts of God, et al. This Guarantee may be revised, updated or amended at anytime by Drainage Pros or its representatives. Any revision, update or amendment will not affect your Guarantee. 
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